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On April 2, the opening ceremony of the medical device service department and active medical device Laboratory of SGS General Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SGS) was grandly held in Guangzhou. When China was founded 20 years ago, it invested to set up a professional medical device laboratory in Guangzhou to integrate and improve the testing service capacity of medical devices, create a one-stop green channel for enterprises to export to the international market, and help enterprises and their medical device products stand out in the international market competition. Mr. Michael jaenecke, general manager of global certification of SGS group consumer products testing department, Mr. dujiabin, vice president of SGS general standard technical services Co., Ltd., and Mr. guanjunchao, director of China Hong Kong medical device service department attended the event

mr. guanjunchao, director of SGS Zhonggang medical device service department, mentioned that the medical device service department has integrated resources in life science services, international certification services, light industrial product services and active medical device services, greatly improved the testing service ability of medical device products, and can provide more optimized and convenient services for medical device manufacturers in China and Hong Kong

at present, the service scope of medical devices includes: safety regulation test, electromagnetic compatibility test, mechanical test, microbial test and chemical test. At the same time, it has an excellent certification and audit team, which can provide customers with one-time integrated audit and evaluation services to meet the requirements of multiple standards, and provide relevant medical device certification or technical training. One stop training, testing and certification solutions enable customers to obtain certification more quickly and successfully launch products to the market

with the annual growth of China's exports of medical devices at a rate of 30%, the vigorous quality testing of foreign high-end enterprises in China is a kind of social investment in medical device product research. It can be predicted that China's medical device industry will flourish and become a new highlight of China's future development. In response to the requirements of various technologies, laws and regulations in international trade, SGS has established a medical device service department and an active medical device laboratory to comprehensively analyze the enterprise's own management status, medical device products and market conditions and provide a one-stop solution in order to enable customers and their medical device products to obtain a pass to the international market with the fastest speed and low risk and meet customers' diversified testing and certification needs, Help customers to solve various technical problems or puzzles encountered in the design, production, packaging, sales and export of medical devices to the international market. Sensors, fixtures and accessories of different tonnage can be added as required to realize the multi-purpose of one machine; Deliver the latest global medical device laws and regulations and industry trends to customers; Help enterprises and their medical device products stand out in the international market competition

it is reported that SGS active medical device laboratory is a third-party laboratory recognized by China National Accreditation Service for conformity assessment (CNAs) and a testing laboratory recognized by the EU notified body. It can provide professional medical product safety test, electromagnetic compatibility test, mechanical test, microbial test and chemical test for import and export manufacturers. The service scope covers: multi parameter monitor (ECG monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, multi-function monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, body temperature monitoring); Medical thermometer, sphygmomanometer; Medical beds; Nerve and muscle stimulator; Diagnosis "for other injectable thermoplastics, it is a laser equipment for fracture and treatment under severe working conditions; in vitro diagnosis (blood glucose meter); it should be re welded; if the performance of components becomes poor, in vitro diagnosis (enzyme marker, plate washer, etc.) ; Endoscopy equipment; Electrocardiograph; Medical operation and diagnostic lamp; Ultrasonic diagnostic equipment and other medical instruments

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