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Han's Guanhua signed a comprehensive cooperation framework agreement with Yingkou Sanxin. On September 6, 2007, Liaoning Han's Guanhua Printing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Han's Guanhua) and Yingkou Sanxin printing machine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sanxin printing machine) officially signed a comprehensive cooperation framework agreement. The two sides will carry out comprehensive cooperation, On september18,2007, an agent meeting was held in Yingkou to officially announce the cooperation information

with the strong support of the shareholders' meeting, the board of directors and senior executives of both sides, the signing of this cooperation agreement has made rapid progress. The early-stage financial audit, asset evaluation, cooperation scheme negotiation and other complicated work took only three months

according to the comprehensive cooperation framework agreement, the assets of both parties were merged, Han's Guanhua acquired all the assets of Sanxin company, and Sanxin company transferred 100% of the equity of Han's Guanhua company. After the cooperation, Sanxin company will continue to operate normally as an independent company, its original trademark will continue to be used, its original products will continue to be produced and sold, and the original agent sales system will continue to operate. At the same time, the company will strive to increase the output according to the actual situation, and launch more new products in time to meet the market demand

according to the equity transfer framework agreement, the merged Han nationality Guanhua will issue additional shares to sanxinyuan shareholders through capital increase and share expansion, and occupy a considerable proportion

through asset merger and share restructuring, the two sides stand at a higher starting point, cooperate for greater goals, higher interests and maximum development, and measure value and mark 1 make Han's Guanhua and Yingkou Sanxin become a real family together

through this cooperation, Han's Guanhua will develop at a higher speed, and will need a larger sales network, supplier team and cooperation unit as support. Han's Guanhua will open its mind and welcome customers, agents and suppliers to cooperate harmoniously, work together and develop together

the signing of the comprehensive cooperation framework agreement, unless equipped with requirements, marks that Yingkou people will take a broader mind, take the great rejuvenation of the Chinese industry as the goal, closely unite through capital ties, integrate various local advantageous resources, and develop together. Yingkou's printing industry integration is once again in the forefront of the same industry! The future star of China's printing machinery will rise in Yingkou

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