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On the 20th, under the guidance of Guangzhou Municipal Commission of industry and information technology (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Municipal Commission of industry and information technology), the general meeting of Guangzhou new material industry development promotion association was held in the school of goldfa science and technology management

according to the introduction, the Promotion Association aims to deeply explore the field of new materials in Guangzhou, make use of the advantages of platform 3 and standard configuration to promote the advancement of materials and the combination of production and use, strive to build a new material industry system with enterprises as the main body, universities and scientific research institutions as the support, the integrated development of technological innovation and industrial agglomeration, and the coordinated promotion of industry, University, research and use, and strive to break through a number of new material varieties, key process technologies and special equipment, Continuously improve the competitiveness of the new material industry

the new material industry is an important area defined in the implementation plan for Guangzhou to build a pilot demonstration city of made in China 2025. It is mentioned that it is necessary to focus on the development of advanced polymer materials, advanced inorganic and non-metallic materials, advanced composites, advanced alloy materials, engineering plastics and fine chemical products, and strengthen the research and development and breakthrough of cutting-edge new materials such as graphene new materials and 3D printing high-performance materials

by the end of 2019, new materials will be industrialized with an annual output of 71million tons; The utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer production capacity is about 90% of the national average. The branding will achieve remarkable results, and the output value will reach 360billion yuan. The basic principle of promoting the intellectualization of the new material industry and the green gold plate is to upgrade the color and health, speed up the construction of Guangzhou New material national high-tech industrial base, and build a domestic new material industry cluster

Yi Ming, an inspector of Guangzhou Municipal Commission of industry and information technology, said at the meeting that in order to better promote the development of the new material industry, Guangzhou Municipal Commission of industry and information technology will also formulate relevant industrial policies around key development areas such as new materials, and hope that enterprises upstream and downstream of the industrial chain can make good use of the Promotion Association as a platform, take advantage of the platform resources to help enterprises' own development, and actively participate in the long-term planning of industry and industrial development, so as to share win-win development

it was learned that the Silicon Valley dialogue of 2017 China (Guangzhou) innovation and entrepreneurship competition was held at the same time

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