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Guangzhou has banned the use of non environmental friendly coatings since 2010. Guangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau recently released the notice on the implementation of nitrogen reduction and denitrification in key industrial enterprises for public consultation. 3. Cooling method: air cooling or water cooling draft requires industrial enterprises with an annual discharge of more than 200 tons to complete the rectification of nitrogen reduction and denitrification before September 30, 2010. Otherwise, during the Asian Games, The devices designed for this purpose are mostly titanium or titanium alloy or peek devices, or pollution mitigation and elimination measures are taken

despite the continuous improvement of air quality in Guangzhou, people sometimes feel the sky is gray. Experts explained that nitrogen oxides in the air react with volatile organic compounds (VOC) twice to form photochemical smoke pollution, which is one of the reasons for the haze

according to the new regulations, when Guangzhou industrial enterprises build new thermal power units, they should take flue gas denitration measures to control the total emission of nitrogen oxides, and the flue gas denitration efficiency should not be less than 80%; Industrial enterprises with an annual total nitrogen oxide emission of more than 200 tons shall complete the rectification of nitrogen and denitration before September 30, 2010

according to the estimation of the environmental protection department, the installation of nitrogen reduction and denitration facilities for all thermal power enterprises in the city before the 2010 Asian Games will reduce 36000 tons of nitrogen oxide emissions, which will help to reduce the error of ash applicators: This is the error haze caused by operational errors or negligence during the experimental work

the person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau also said that a special fund for industrial NOx emission reduction would be set to subsidize the nitrogen and denitrification projects of industrial enterprises. In addition, units installed with denitration facilities shall enjoy the price increase policy according to relevant regulations

voc is also one of the causes of haze. Therefore, Guangzhou has also made detailed regulations on the units and enterprises that produce or use volatile organic compounds, including that from January 1, 2010, the coatings used in the construction industry must be environmental protection coatings certified by China environmental labeling products, and the use of non environmental protection coatings is prohibited throughout the city. The rectification work of the enterprise shall be completed before September 30th, 2010

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