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Guanzhihua, BASF senior executive, made a speech: shaping a sustainable future guanzhihua, chairman of BASF Greater China management board: my topic is "shaping a sustainable future." How do we look at the green economy in an enterprise and an industry? When we see that the world is talking about the same problem, we certainly pay close attention to it at that time. But at the same time, we should look at it from our own perspective. I will tell you how we look at it in an enterprise, especially in the chemical industry

as an enterprise, it must have a long-term strategy and tell all employees that ensuring sustainable development is a very important strategy. For us, first of all, the further optimization of the industrial structure of the province is an integration for those who can represent the circular economy. Basically, all of you know the connotation of the circular economy, that is, all energy and resources are shared. Here I give you a set of data. BASF has six bases around the world. Without such bases, it is impossible to save about 500million yuan a year, and this is equivalent to 3.7 million tons of crude oil. This is a great advantage of circular economy. Of course, there are many more, including other carbon dioxide emissions, which can also be reduced

for us, we have the same plan in Nanjing, China, and now we are also preparing to expand production. The most important connotation of the six guidelines is to protect the chemical with both hands. In the past, it was said that it was from cradle to grave. Now we say that from cradle to cradle, we should reuse it. On May 29th, 2008, together with the international chemical manufacturers' Association, we worked together to promote care in Beijing. Not only did our multinational companies do well in the small home country, which is constrained by friction at the upper and lower ends, but also in China

with our own factory, our products should have a scientific development. According to the needs of global science and technology, how can we make a contribution from our products. BASF can be a representative. We have five research and development directions, including raw material change technology, nanotechnology, industrial biotechnology, crop biotechnology and energy management. At the same time, we attach great importance to the carbon footprint, and we have made a very complete survey. At the same time, our products can also help our customers save much carbon dioxide in the industry. In such a process, we invite a third party to develop with us. Although as a chemical enterprise, energy must have carbon dioxide emissions, at the same time, we find that according to the application of all products, it can help us save three times of carbon dioxide emissions in housing, automobile and industry

we have made an energy-saving house renovation in Shanghai. The old house is very simple. Our technology can reduce the energy consumption of this house to 70%. This house is located in Hongkou District, Shanghai. In addition, automobile emission reduction scheme. In July, we issued some reports, which you can read. Thank you

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