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Nansha District of Guangzhou issued policies to support the development of artificial intelligence industry, and the measures for Guangzhou Nansha New Area (Free Trade Zone) to promote the development of artificial intelligence industry (hereinafter referred to as the measures) was officially issued. The measures put forward that the senior management and core technical talents introduced by the recognized artificial intelligence enterprises whose annual taxable salary in Nansha reaches 600000 yuan (included) can be given priority to apply for residence in Guangzhou

the measures for directly replacing new bearings proposed that the senior management and technical talents with annual taxable salary of more than 300000 yuan (including) in the recognized artificial intelligence enterprises [annual taxable salary of more than 200000 yuan (including) in the scientific research institutions] should be rewarded according to 40% of their personal economic contribution. For qualified senior management and technical talents of enterprises, in addition to enjoying special talent awards, they can also obtain senior management talent awards in the enterprise operation contribution awards. The maximum total amount of the two awards is 100% of their personal economic contribution. In terms of settlement incentives, the measures pointed out that the number of artificial intelligence orders newly settled in Nansha District dropped by more than 20% year-on-year, and those with economic contributions of more than 100million yuan (inclusive), 80million yuan (inclusive), 40million yuan (inclusive), 20million yuan (inclusive) and 10million yuan (inclusive) will be rewarded with 20million yuan, 15million yuan, 10million yuan, 6million yuan and 3million yuan respectively. In terms of subsidies for scientific research and construction, artificial intelligence enterprises that build and operate artificial intelligence laboratories, training centers, exhibition and experience centers in Nansha District to provide R & D, design, production, technical exchange and other services for the development of regional artificial intelligence industry and the intelligent upgrading and transformation of enterprises will be subsidized according to 30% of their actual total construction investment, and the total subsidy will not exceed 10million yuan

according to the measures, if an AI enterprise has independent R & D funds and R & D activities in Nansha District, it will be given a post subsidy of no more than 100million yuan according to 10% of its R & D expenditure in the previous year. The measures also provide subsidies for rent and office property purchase. If the recognized artificial intelligence enterprises rent space in Nansha District to actually carry out office operations, they shall be given rent subsidies according to the actual rent. In principle, the maximum subsidy per square meter per month shall not exceed 50 yuan (including property management fees), and the maximum annual subsidy shall not exceed 3million yuan. The subsidy period is 3 years. If an artificial intelligence enterprise purchases an office property for its own use, it shall be given a one-time subsidy of no more than 1000 yuan per square meter, and the maximum amount of subsidy shall not exceed 10million yuan

the government encourages and coordinates industrial funds in the region to invest in artificial intelligence enterprises in the region. If an artificial intelligence enterprise invested by angel investment, venture capital, venture capital and other funds has newly registered or moved into Nansha, the fund management company will be rewarded according to 3% of the fund's actual investment in Nansha artificial intelligence enterprise. The maximum reward for a single project will not exceed 2million yuan, and the settlement support for the artificial intelligence enterprise will be given according to 7% of the fund's investment, with a maximum of 10million yuan. Artificial intelligence enterprises that have obtained loans from commercial banks will be given a discount of 50% of the benchmark interest rate of the loan. The subsidy period will not exceed 3 years. The maximum accumulated discount amount for each enterprise will not exceed 3million yuan. In terms of technology supporting incentives, key laboratories, engineering centers, technology centers, scientific and technological innovation centers and other innovation platforms recognized by relevant government departments will be given one-time financial incentives of 3million yuan, 2million yuan and 500000 yuan respectively at the national, provincial and municipal levels according to their recognition levels

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