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In recent years, with the great attention of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Zhongshan intellectual property protection has achieved rapid development. Zhongshan was rated as the national intellectual property model city, and the Municipal Intellectual Property Office was rated as the outstanding collective in the national intellectual property system and the intellectual property law enforcement work of public security organs. The effective integration of intellectual property work with industry and economy, Guangzhou Lianrui pointed out that this is a solid foundation for the implementation of the strategy of building a strong intellectual property country and the construction of a leading intellectual property Province, and also brings good news to the innovation driven development of enterprises

Guangzhou Lianrui is a well-known intellectual property service institution in China and has been deeply involved in the intellectual property industry for many years. Guangzhou Lianrui pointed out that, ahead of the reform and opening up, Zhongshan has an active private economy. It has successively built a professional town with distinctive industrial characteristics, such as ancient town lighting, Xiaolan hardware, Dongfeng small household appliances, Dayong mahogany furniture, port games and entertainment equipment, and has 38 national industrial bases. In order to create a good business environment, Zhongshan has explored a fast track for intellectual property protection, effectively solving the problems that lighting enterprises can't afford to apply for patents and can't afford to protect their patent rights

efficient intellectual property quick service has gathered innovation resources and effectively improved the enthusiasm of industrial innovation. According to the data learned by Guangzhou Lianrui, in 2017, 7808 invention patents were applied for in the city, with a year-on-year increase of 21%, 1493 invention patents were authorized, with a year-on-year increase of 24%, and 17.29 effective invention patents were owned per 10000 people

at present, Zhongshan is further replicating and popularizing the rapid protection mechanism of intellectual property rights, comprehensively promoting the construction of the rapid protection center of intellectual property rights in Huangpu household appliances and Dayong rosewood furniture industries, forming a cross regional joint law enforcement network, further strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights, increasing the illegal cost, reducing the protection cost, and creating a more attractive investment environment

experts from Guangzhou Lianrui pointed out that the protection and protection of intellectual property rights in Zhongshan are closely related to sound and efficient judicial protection. Xuhongni, President of the intellectual property court of the people's court, said that Zhongshan court is one of the first two-level courts in Guangdong to pilot the three in one trial of intellectual property at the same time, that is, civil, criminal and administrative cases of intellectual property are tried by the intellectual property court. In this way, we can integrate and optimize judicial resources, improve trial efficiency, and cooperate in the construction of coal to olefins and high value-added downstream projects; However, in case of any damage in november2016, it can also effectively prevent and avoid different business divisions from making different determinations on the same legal relationship or the same legal facts, so as to provide customers with the best service and ensure the trial quality of intellectual property cases

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