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[home decoration network] after buying a new house, Mr. Zou, the owner, was very cautious in choosing a decoration company because he was worried about quality problems in the decoration. But he didn't expect that the decoration company he chose to trust surprised him. Half of the decoration was carried out, but there were a lot of decoration problems. [related reading: improper handling of construction details seriously affects the quality of decoration]

the decoration company originally told Mr. Zou that they were regular decoration companies, had been responsible for many large-scale decoration projects such as villas, and had ten years of experience in home decoration. They also have a highly skilled construction team, and all construction masters are veterans with more than ten years of decoration experience. So Mr. Zou readily signed a contract with the decoration company. But at the beginning of home decoration, Mr. Zou looked at the so-called decoration team with more than ten years of decoration experience, but the average age was only about 19 “ Child soldiers, most of whom are apprentices, have little experience

after the decoration began, Mr. Zou found that the designers responsible for the follow-up project of the decoration company rarely came to the construction site, and the work of these little masters was arranged by the foreman. Mr. Zou found that this “ The skills of baby soldiers are too “ Tender, even he, a layman, can see the flaws. If the floor tiles are paved, the floor tiles are directly pasted up without leveling at all, resulting in a high and low ground, and the gaps between the tiles are uneven, and some gaps are even about 1 cm wide. Soon after the wall tiles were laid, there was a problem of bulging. Mr. Zou also found that some construction personnel simplified the originally required complex process in order to save trouble, and some did not follow the process requirements at all. As a result, there were many problems when the decoration was half done. Mr. Zou regretted and was angry

when the decoration process is not implemented as agreed, how should the owner deal with it? Dong Gong, who has been engaged in home decoration for many years, said that in case of the above situation, the owner can require the decoration company to dismantle and redo or both parties can reach a compensation agreement through consultation. However, the premise is that when signing the decoration contract with the decoration company, the owner should clearly list the various requirements of the process in the contract and write down the responsibilities of both parties. If the requirements for decoration technology are not clearly listed in the decoration contract, the decoration company has an excuse to shirk its responsibility. If the process requirements and responsibilities in the decoration contract are clear, the decoration company must be responsible for repairing some quality problems existing in the decoration construction. If it still cannot be used normally after repairing twice, the owner can ask the decoration company to compensate. Home decoration network





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