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Following the conclusion of the first phase of M6 landing, on May 5, the second phase of M6 landing promotion and m6-5a [1+n] summary conference of MAG was held in Yubei, Chongqing

following the conclusion of the first phase of M6 landing, on May 5, mag's second phase of M6 landing promotion and m6-5a [1+n] summary conference was held in Yubei, Chongqing. The m6-5a [1+n] linkage is implemented in 29 cities across the country. With Chongqing as the home, 28 cities across the country synchronously import, implement and replicate the M6 system. After 24 days, miracles and highlights continue to unfold

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Tang bin, chairman of the board of directors, made a speech. Mr. Tang pointed out that the marketing force needs three elements: product force, promotion force and sales force, and the sales force is the most important factor in the marketing force. Therefore, the M6 system is an important measure to build the terminal sales force of MAG, and it is the carrier of mag's ten-year outward marketing force and rapid growth, It is also an important guarantee for creating happiness in the next ten years. Therefore, we should not only know, but also do well in this system

28 cities increased by 310.6% year-on-year.

when summarizing the project, the landing situation of phase II M6 was analyzed. In terms of the order target completion rate, 28 cities achieved a target completion rate of 123% and 28 cities increased by 310.6% year-on-year

an M6 landing activity is the top of the sales volume of last year

an M6 landing replication for more than 20 days. An effective store management system helps dealers improve their competitiveness in an all-round way. Mag's family from Huai'an, Xichang and Dalian share their harvest and growth

president Zhu of Huai'an: the process is painful, but changes are taking place. The team has changed from organized and undisciplined to organized and disciplined, and has transformed from a loose army into a regular army for collective operations. Only the 3.15 activity and M6 landing promotion activities have enabled Huai'an to achieve sales performance last year

President Xiao of Xichang: as an old businessman, the sales volume has not been broken through until the implantation of M6 and the new sales method has been mastered; The morning meeting and evening meeting are held, and the team is full of positive energy every day. An M6 landing activity also enables us to achieve the top sales in the market

Zhaodian, Dalian: as a mag new business, it is immature in all aspects. The landing of M6 has made our team grow. Although the process is also painful, an M6 landing activity topped the sales of last year. More importantly, we have mastered a set of terminal marketing method system. In the future, we are not afraid of Dalian mag

seven swords go down to Tianshan

how to build wolf special forces, how to integrate M6 into the local environment and adhere to efficient implementation? The training director Jiang zongkang, who presided over this summing up meeting, shared his thoughts with MAG principals from Jinan, Mianyang, Dalian, Chongqing, Lanzhou, Zhuhai, Kunming and other cities. The guests at the meeting spoke freely and eloquently. Among them, the "goal theory" of Mianyang Marge, the "desire theory" of Jinan, and the "head wolf theory" of Kunming attracted the unanimous recognition of the guests at the meeting. Finally, President Jiang from the four aspects of atmosphere building, incentive mechanism, training and learning, and performance multiplication system, teacher Kang is operable, sustainable, and executable; The "three possibilities and Four Haves" with arrangement, supervision, inspection and results are summarized respectively

Mianyang 171 won the list of dragons and tigers

Zhengzhou, Dalian, Mianyang and other 28 cities were divided into four military regions. Under the leadership of the military commander, each Military Region conducted PK in the landing practice of M6, setting off the second phase of the PK war of M6. After more than 20 days of competition, Mianyang mage won the top of the dragon and tiger list with 171 orders, with a task completion rate of 224.29% and a total score of 192.14. The Fourth Military Region, led by manager Guo, achieved the first score with 124.33 points. At the same time, a batch of excellent seed players and franchisees emerged in the PK process. They actively promoted the landing and replication of the M6 system and created a batch of excellent M6 benchmark stores

believe in the power of belief

the morning summary meeting ended in President Jiang's speech. President Jiang said that in the first and second phases of M6 landing practice, we used the results of the bar to prove the success of the M6 model, so that all MAG dealers have once again witnessed the power of belief. In the future, we will continue to promote the M6 landing replication, and at the same time, we will also optimize and upgrade the M6 to make the M6 more terminal combat power

m6 landing three magic weapons

in the afternoon of the summary meeting, Mr. Yang, the deputy director of training, further elaborated on MAG 5A's theoretical knowledge: precise promotion mode, terminal sales tools, sales incentive system, franchise store management norms, customer relationship management system, which is the essence and connotation of 5A single store performance doubling system. At the same time, President Jiang explained the method of M6 landing replication and the pain points in the process. Among them, President Jiang pointed out that a set of incentive plan, a form every week for four weeks, and a complete set of tools for core personnel are the three magic weapons of M6 landing completely


how can experts break through the difficulties of terminal operation in the private sector? MAG franchisees from Nanning and Taiyuan raised questions about resource exhaustion, team fatigue, low customer value, etc., and sought tips from the MAG family present. The wisdom of the masses is infinite. In the face of the problems raised, the four military regions discussed and refined solutions. With the concerted efforts of the Marge family, Nanning Marge and Taiyuan Marge gained a brilliant plan to solve the problems

win on the road

the most beautiful scenery has been on the road. At the end of the summing up meeting, all Marge's family sang Marge's song "on the road", just like the title of the song. Win terminal is building a performance doubling system, improving the comprehensive competitiveness of the team, and M6 national land replication and promotion. We are on the road. On May 10, the launching meeting of the third phase of MAG M6 special training camp will be held in Chongqing, looking forward to the return of mag's family





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