Xinde decoration house evaluation

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[basic information of the project]

Name: house decoration

financing amount: 50000

investment threshold: 100 yuan

repayment method: due repayment of principal and interest

guarantee method: credit loan

[expected annualized income analysis] historical expected annualized yield: 12%

through this figure, we can see that the historical expected annualized income of this product is higher than that of other P2P products on the Xicai platform, It is the same as the average expected annualized income of Xinde platform, which is within the range of reasonable expected annualized income. At the same time, compared with bank deposit and Internet baby products, it is far more than its expected annualized income

[investment period] 12 months

from the perspective of investment period, this product is a long-term investment, so investors must pay attention to its post loan situation at any time

[loan purpose]

this financing is mainly used for the borrower to decorate the house. The borrower is currently working in a joint venture company with stable income, but he has just bought a house and is not well decorated, so he applies for a loan

[security analysis]

the borrower of the project issued the loan request after passing the platform credit rating through Xinde. Xinde platform mainly guarantees the capital flow of lenders through cooperation with third-party fund payment and custody institutions, and also sets up a risk guarantee fund account to ensure the safety of investment and financial management principal and interest of investors (lenders) in case of overdue borrowers

the project has passed the identity authentication, bank flow, bank account opening authentication, real estate certificate, credit report and other certifications of the platform

[general comment]

Xinde has passed the historical expected annualized yield of this project, which is 12%. The expected annualized yield is moderate, but the repayment period is long, which is suitable for some investors who have idle funds and are not in a hurry to obtain the expected annualized yield. However, the information disclosure of the borrower is not detailed enough. Investors can go to the platform to verify the information background before investing. For lenders who have invested, they must pay attention to the post loan situation of the project. The investment is risky, so it is better to be cautious

[view project details] house decoration

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