I Am Legend- How the film was co-opted by COVID an

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I Am Legend: How the film was co-opted by COVID anti-vaxxers - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

What do I Am Legend, JFK’s nephew and pretending to be vegan have in common?

All three are playing major roles in the global anti-vaxxer movement.

It comes as misinformation spread online takes an absurd twist, with one of the writers of 2007’s I am Legend?being forced to clarify his zombie-based plot was unrelated to COVID-19.

The plot of I Am Legend details the shocking aftermath of a failed attempt to genetically re-engineer measles to cure cancerseomodifieddate. In the movieThe Governor General,? 99 per cent of the planet’s population has died and those who aren’t killed have into vampire-like creaturesTuesday 5:40 a.m..

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